Wien, am 21.06.2016
Beckley/AV0116, /7 (AV001101.DOC)
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Insolvency proceedings against Beckley Institute GmbH

By court order of the Commercial Court of Vienna, Austria, 6 S 88/16g, of June 15, 2016, Beckley Institute GmbH was declared bankrupt and Anne Marie Kosesnik-Wehrle was appointed receiver in bankruptcy. Beckley Institute GmbH offered language classes in 1010 Vienna, Graben 30/8.

On June 21, 2016, the Commercial Court has ordered the closing down of the enterprise. Thus, no further classes or exams will be held anymore.

Under Austrian bankruptcy law, creditors, e.g. persons who have paid for a language class, but not (fully) consumed it, have to file their claims with the court in order to participate in the proceedings. In case the receiver recognizes the claim, a percentual quota will be paid to the creditors. At this moment, it seems very likely that this quota will be very small, if any quote can be paid.

We will post further information on our homepage.

Please do not phone us, but keep yourself informed by visiting our website as well as the official website of the Austrian Ministry of Justice. In case of further questions, please contact us via mail, post or fax.

If you are a creditor of Beckley Institute GmbH, please lodge your claim until August 9, 2016 at Handelsgericht Wien, Marxergasse 1a, 1030 Vienna. For further instructions we recommend you consult the Ministery’s website http://www.edikte1.justiz.gv.at, debtor: Beckley, “complimentary contents”.