Susanne Kosesnik-Wehrle, LL M (Bruges)


Susanne Kosesnik-Wehrle, LL M, completed her law studies at the University of Vienna as Magister iuris in 1991. After her court apprenticeship she completed a postgraduate study in European law at the College d'Europe, Bruges, Belgium, where she was awarded a Masters Degree in European Community Law (LLM)/Diplôme d'Etudes Europènnes Approfondies. She completed her experience abroad by working at the European Commission, Brussels, Directorate General XV (Internal Market).

She joined the law firm of Preslmayr & Partners to work as an associate in 1994 and then moved to Heinz Kosesnik-Wehrle's law firm. In 1996, Susanne Kosesnik-Wehrle passed the bar exam at the Vienna Appellate Court with honours. In January 2003 she became a limited partner with the firm.

Susanne Kosesnik-Wehrle specialises in consumer law, insolvency law and European Community law. She speaks English, French and Italian fluently.